Atheroma of the scalp

author: doctor Sholenkina О.N.

Skin diseases sometimes look so unpleasant that sometimes even people who are not related to medicine want to cure a sick person. And often it happens. The best doctors are our neighbors, friends and relatives. And then the vanity of vanities begins, and people apply burdocks, plantain, honey, fat to any tumor-like formations, in general, they do everything that in this case does not help, and sometimes even can do much harm.

Atheroma: the causes of

author: doctor Kamneva A.N.

Atheroma is called the cyst of the sebaceous gland. Conventional occlusion of the cutaneous duct of the gland can provoke the development of thin-walled formations with greasy contents. Very often, atheromas occur on the face and head in the scalp. This is due to the fact that it is in these parts of the body that most of the sebaceous glands.

Radio wave method of atheroma removal

author: doctor Ivanova Yu.A.

Atheroma is a painless neoplasm of round, mobile form, with a porridge content inside which arises in connection with occlusion of the sebaceous gland. There is this disease, regardless of age in different parts of the body, both in men and in women. Most often this cystic neoplasm develops on the cheeks, earlobes, posterior surface of the neck, on the scalp, on the scrotum, back and hollow lips.

Subcutaneous Wand

Author: doctor Kukushkina EV

Skin is the biggest organ of a person. Under the skin, almost everywhere there is a subcutaneous fatty tissue. The skin itself consists of several layers, under it there is still a thin layer of fat everywhere. It is on the stomach, and on the face, and on the skull, and on the palm of your hand.

Atheroma of the earlobe

Author: doctor Derjushev A.N.

Atheroma is an intradermal or subcutaneous, usually painless, and mobile when palpating a tumor, characterized by a smooth surface, round or slightly oblong in shape. These are the main characteristics of atheroma, localized, including on the earlobe.

Atheroma on the cheek: symptoms and treatment

author: doctor, Ph.D. Kondrashina E.A.

For most people (especially women), usually an atheroma on the cheek is a very unpleasant discovery, spoiling the appearance.

Atheroma removal by laser

author: doctor Sholenkina О.N.

When the duct is blocked, the sebaceous gland can form a cyst or atheroma. Places of her residence - body parts, rich in sebaceous glands: the lower part of the face, the scalp, axillary cavities, neck and back. If the course is uncomplicated, the disease is transferred easily and for a long period the patients do not complain about anything. Then there is a completely logical question: why remove it?

Suppurated atheroma

author: doctor Ivanova Yu.A.

Atheroma is a tumor that is benign in clinical and morphological classifications and refers to epithelial cysts. Usually atheroma develops on the hairy areas of the body, so it is more common on the head and face, which are particularly rich in the sebaceous glands. The cause of this tumor (cysts) is a blockage of the duct of these sebaceous glands.

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