Operation of ovarian cysts

author: doctor Novikova S.P.

Ovarian cyst is a pathological benign neoplasm, which is a capsule with a liquid inside. Ovarian cysts are divided into follicular, mucinous, endometroids, dermoid, as well as cysts of the yellow body.

Follicular cyst of the right ovary

author: gynecologist Kuznetsov MA

Tumor formation of the ovary, developing from the dominant follicle, is called the follicular cyst.

Consequences of ovarian resection

author: gynecologist Gurshtynovich VM

Resection ( from Latin resectio - cut ) of the ovary is an operation that consists in partial excision of the affected organ.

The size of the yellow body after ovulation

author: gynecologist Ambrosova IA

The yellow body is a temporary intrasecretory organ that arises in the ovary after the ovum leaves it. This gland is formed on the site of the ruptured follicle. It should be noted that there are two types of yellow body: the yellow body of pregnancy and the menstrual yellow body. Their structure and stages of development are exactly the same, but there are differences in terms of existence and in functional activity.

Development of the yellow body is divided into 4 stages:

Diet after laparoscopy of the gallbladder

author: doctor Valiullina Z.S.

The gallbladder is located at the lower edge of the liver, serves to accumulate bile. With certain diseases of the gallbladder, there is a need for its surgical removal. The operation is called cholecystectomy. The most sparing option is laparoscopic cholecystectomy, when the incisions of the anterior abdominal wall are not used to remove the gallbladder, but small punctures in it.

Spike after laparoscopy

author: doctor Kuznetsov MA

Adhesive disease is a condition in which connective tissue tissues are formed between the internal organs of the abdominal cavity. Adhesive disease can develop for various reasons, including with laparoscopy, especially when it was not only of a diagnostic nature.

Scars after laparoscopy

author: cosmetologist Kochetkova Olga

Today, surgical operations using laparoscopy have become very popular. Very tightly entered this method into the practice of surgical gynecology.

Laparoscopy of the ovarian cyst

author: doctor Sholenkina О.N.

In recent decades, the number of people with chronic diseases has increased, life expectancy and survival have changed with some almost fatal pathologies. It's nice to hear that medicine does not stand still. It is through progress in diagnosis and treatment that it is now possible to expose and cure, or at least to achieve deep remission of many diseases. But how is it with already well-known in terms of diagnostics problems? For example, the ovarian cyst was diagnosed perfectly by ultrasound. What achievements in science have brought the treatment of this process to a new level? It's simple, but let's start in order.

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