Chest circumference in men

author: doctor Gulenko S.V.

Physical development of a person occurs in accordance with certain biological laws and principles and reflects in each age period the level of quantitative and qualitative changes in the body and its functional capabilities. The processes of growth and development occur unevenly and depend on a huge number of external and internal factors, the fundamental of which are heredity and social environment.

Rash on the chest

author: infectious diseases doctor, Ph.D. Andreeva S.G.

Rashes are extremely diverse in appearance, prevalence, and in the dynamics of its extinction. Sometimes it disappears without leaving a trace, in other cases leaves behind scars or pigment spots. Isolate infectious and non-infectious causes of rash. However, in either case, it is only a symptom, that is, an external manifestation of the general health problem. Therefore, you should not leave it without attention.

The veins on the chest are visible

author: doctor Ilona Lesnaya

Quite often, most people, looking at themselves in the mirror, note that they have veins on their chest. However, that this may mean not everyone can guess. Virtually always veins are visible in people with thin skin. This is not a pathology; this is your anatomical feature or the veins are too closely located.

Chest pain during movement

author: doctor Vasil'tsov AG

Pain in the chest during movement can be a symptom of the defeat of the heart, blood vessels, organs of the gastrointestinal tract, in addition, it can indicate damage to the peripheral nervous system and the musculoskeletal apparatus of the chest. Also, do not forget about neoplasms and inflammatory processes in the lungs, which also manifest themselves pain in discomfort in the chest during movement, breathing or at rest.

Intercostal neuralgia: how to relieve pain

author: doctor Maslak AA

Very often if there is pain in the chest, first of all think about heart problems and turn to the cardiologist. However, it is not uncommon that the matter is not in the heart, but in the intercostal nerves, which for some reason are compressed and irritated either by a pathologically altered spine or by strained muscles.

Intercostal neuralgia: treatment at home

author: doctor Derjushev A.N.

Neuralgia is pain that spreads along the nerve trunk, or along the course of its branches, which is often accompanied by an increase in sensitivity in the area of ​​its (nerve) innervation. Usually neuralgia is considered the earliest stage of damage to the peripheral nerve region as well as its root. The cause of this phenomenon can be trauma, intoxication, infectious and allergic factors, metabolic disorders, especially if it is accompanied by such factors as hypothermia.

Tingling in the right side under the ribs

author: doctor Angela Apercoy

Usually, a specific localization of pain indicates a problem in any organ located in this area. Accordingly, with the localization of pain in the right hypochondrium, the pathology of the liver, gallbladder and bile ducts should first be assumed. In this case, the presence of any other symptoms accompanying tingling in the right side under the ribs, helps to understand which organ develops the pathological process that caused the appearance of pain.

What to do with intercostal neuralgia?

author: doctor Okan N.A.

Under the intercostal neuralgia is understood the pain in the chest, which appear as a result of irritation of the nerves located along the lower edge of the ribs, or their compression.

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