A set of trocars for puncturing the abdominal cavity

A set of instruments for laparocentesis (puncture of the abdominal cavity) is a trocar of different features. On the right is the classic trocar. In the center is a trocar with a regulator. The left curved trocar is convenient in a situation where the patient admits a pronounced ascites stomach and he needs to make a puncture under the swollen abdomen so as not to damage the surrounding tissues (the direct trocar here will be more traumatic).

Lecluse Dental Elevator

Dental elevator of Lecluse bayonet type. Serves to remove teeth on the lower jaw. It is often used after a surgical chisel, which the teeth are severed for more efficient use of this elevator.

Set of tools for skeletal traction

A set of traumatological tools for skeletal traction:

1 - Kirschner Staple with a spoke for skeletal traction. In terms of functional significance, Ilizarov's apparatus resembles.

2 - A hand drill serves to drill holes into which the needles will pass.

A set of tools for endovideosurgery

A set of surgical instruments for endovideosurgery includes endoscopic tubes of different diameters, clamps and rubberized tips.

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