Cuts in the hand - symptoms and treatment

author: doctor Ambrosova I.A.

Cuts are called violations of the integrity of the skin, made with an acute cutting object. For shallow cuts on the hands, the lesion of the dermis (skin) and subcutaneous fat layer is characteristic. In this case, the treatment does not provide for any special medication procedures.

Preparations for the healing of wounds

author: doctor Tyutyunnik DM

The means for wound healing includes a large group of drugs, which occurs in a wide variety of forms and with a wide variety of compounds (active substances). All preparations for wound healing have certain, inherent in them only profiles of efficiency and safety. But, unfortunately, not all preparations for wound healing are suitable for the first, that is, the most important stage of healing.

The wound on the leg does not heal

Healing takes a long time if there is a shortage of vitamins A and B5 and B12, which contribute to the regeneration of the skin. If you immediately treat the wound correctly, and correctly treat it, then the recovery will go quickly.

Purulent wound on the leg

Author: doctor Derjushev A.N.

When a microbe enters the wound, a certain microflora is formed there, which determines the course of the wound process afterwards. Then everything will depend on what kind of microorganisms were wounded, as well as from the local and general immunity of a person, that is, on how much the body is able to resist infection.

Suppuration of wound: causes and symptoms

Author: surgeon Yurevich VV

Whatever the surgical intervention to which any patient is exposed, it, one way or another, involves inflicting a wound on him.

Unfortunately, even an ideally performed surgical procedure is often overshadowed by such an annoying phenomenon as suppuration.

How to remove pus from a wound

Author: Ambrosova I.A.

A wound is a mechanical damage to a tissue with a violation of the integrity of the skin or mucous membranes. In addition to the fact that wounds are dangerous in themselves, since they can provoke extensive bleeding and severe pain, their main danger is that they are the entrance gate to various kinds of pyogenic infections.

Gnoytsya seam after the operation

Author: Rudenko M.G.

Suppuration of the postoperative suture is a rather frequent complication of postoperative course. Its development often depends on the patient's state of health. If his immune system and other systems are strong, then the body copes with such stress as the operation and the postoperative period runs smoothly.

Abscess after injection

author: doctor Subbota AA

Abscess of the buttocks is a complication of intramuscular injections. It occurs quite often, but it can be avoided if the rules of intramuscular injection are observed.

Powder for healing wounds

author: doctor Zhilyuk V.Yu.

All people are more or less susceptible to various injuries. For some, they are constant companions of life, someone is extremely rare, but sooner or later, everyone suffers from a different kind of damage. In this article, we will talk about powders that are used to heal wounds.

Ointment for burns for children

Author: Pediatrician O.Sazonova.

Burns are a specific type of injury that occurs as a result of exposure to skin and mucous membranes of high temperatures, ultraviolet or other types of radiation. Among the various types of domestic injuries: bruises, cuts or fractures, burns account for more than 20%, and children of up to five years suffer from this type of injury quite often, due to the fact that they do not have sufficient coordination of movements. The most common among children's burns are thermal (hot liquid, flame, hot steam and burns, arising from contact with hot objects).

Ointment for wound healing

author: doctor Ilona Lesnaya

Probably there is no such person who in his life did not receive any injuries and injuries. Children, adolescents, sportsmen, as well as people whose profession is associated with increased traumatic danger, are most often affected. In addition, simple non-observance of the rules of personal safety can lead to the occurrence of banal damage.

Ointment for rapid wound healing

Author: doctor Derjushev A.N.

So our life is arranged, that from early childhood we have to face such a problem as wounds. This is natural, because it is almost impossible to avoid injuries. Naturally, our desire to get rid of these wounds as quickly as possible. In this connection, there is a need to talk in sufficient detail about how to deal with the problem of wounds, what preparations and ointments exist and what is recommended to use.

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