Than to process seams after operation

Postoperative sutures should be treated up to 2 weeks after surgery, and in some cases, and a little longer. For example, on the 5th-7th day, seams and a bandage after cesarean section are removed.

How to Sew a Wound

Author: Surgeon Denisov M.М.

In connection with the fact that relatively recently, or rather at the beginning of the last century, the successful outcome of the operation was largely dependent on the healing of the postoperative wound. The fact is that in these years there was a very high probability of complicating the healing of postoperative wounds due to the lack of adequate primary surgical treatment. Only after tens of years, by introducing PCW into the habit of outpatient surgeons, it was possible to reduce the number of cases of these complications.

Cuts in the hand - symptoms and treatment

author: doctor Ambrosova I.A.

Cuts are called violations of the integrity of the skin, made with an acute cutting object. For shallow cuts on the hands, the lesion of the dermis (skin) and subcutaneous fat layer is characteristic. In this case, the treatment does not provide for any special medication procedures.

Treatment of purulent wounds

An injury is a violation of the integrity of the skin or mucous membrane. Wound infection develops in violation of the equilibrium between microbes that seeded the wound, and weakened protective forces of the macroorganism. If the wound is treated with unwashed hands or tied with non-sterile material, the infection area will increase.

Suppuration is a biological process of wound cleansing, taking place with the participation of microorganisms (proteolysis). The emergence and development of granulation tissue is inextricably linked to suppuration.

The tactics of treating purulent wounds depends on the symptoms of the suppuration itself.

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