Scars after laparoscopy

author: cosmetologist Kochetkova Olga

Today, surgical operations using laparoscopy have become very popular. Very tightly entered this method into the practice of surgical gynecology.

Laparoscopy for polycystic ovary

author: doctor Kuznetsov MA

Laparoscopy, performed with polycystic ovary syndrome, is performed to remove cystic lesions. If the diagnosis is not determined, then a diagnostic laparoscopy is performed, which in turn can also go on when cysts are detected in the procedure for the removal of cystic ovaries.

The procedure for removing cysts laparoscopically involves two main causes: infertility and correction of the hormonal background of a woman.

Laparoscopy of uterine fibroids

author: doctor Kolos EV

Myoma of the uterus is a benign neoplasm of the nodular form, consisting of muscular or serous tissue. Located in relation to the anatomical parts of the organ can be on the neck, isthmus or the body of the uterus, and in relation to the layers - submucous (under the mucous layer), inside the muscle layer, and subserosely (under the serous membrane of the organ).

Preparing for laparoscopy

author: doctor Kuznetsov MA

Before you start laparoscopy, you need a doctor's consultation. The doctor asks the patient about the concomitant diseases in order to identify contraindications.

Menu after resection of the stomach

author: doctor, Ph.D. Gintovt O.I.

Resection of the stomach is a rather complicated operation, in which a considerable part of the stomach is removed, and the correlations of the organs of the digestive system change radically. After the operation, the stomach volume decreases sharply, and the food at the intake falls immediately not only in the stomach, but also into the small intestine. Therefore, in the diet of patients who have undergone this operation, there are several important features.

Diet after laparoscopy of the gallbladder

author: doctor Valiullina Z.S.

The gallbladder is located at the lower edge of the liver, serves to accumulate bile. With certain diseases of the gallbladder, there is a need for its surgical removal. The operation is called cholecystectomy. The most sparing option is laparoscopic cholecystectomy, when the incisions of the anterior abdominal wall are not used to remove the gallbladder, but small punctures in it.

What is cellulose for the body?

author: doctor, Ph.D. Gintovt O.I.

Fiber is an important component in food, although not everyone understands why it is needed. All of the cellulose of plant origin, it is part of the cell membrane of plants and there are two varieties - soluble and insoluble. Fiber practically does not contain any vitamins, minerals, or other nutrients. However, it is simply necessary for the human body, and should be present in the diet of any person who cares about their health.

The ten most useful in children's nutrition of vegetables

author: cms, doctor Polozova Olga

A year-old child, for the most part, eats everything. And caring parents try to provide him with a variety of nutrition, which includes dairy, cereal, meat, fish products and, of course, vegetables.

Vegetables must necessarily be included in baby food. They provide the children's body with fiber regulating the activity of the digestive system. And, in addition, they contain a whole complex of vitamins, minerals and other substances necessary for growth and development.

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