Yellow body 12, 13, 14 or 15 mm - is there a difference?

author: gynecologist Ambrosova IA

The yellow body is one of the main components of the ovary. It should be noted that this is a transient structure, which is periodically formed and subjected to involution.

Yellow body in the right ovary during pregnancy

author: doctor Kuznetsov MA

The yellow body can appear either in the left or in the right ovary and not necessarily during pregnancy. This education appears in the second phase of the menstrual cycle and exerts its influence depending on the situation.

If the pregnancy has not occurred, then this Graafovy vesicle undergoes involution - it turns into a connective tissue scar. This action comes after two weeks of his active work on the preparation of the endometrium of the uterus - the mucosa for attachment and nutrition of the embryo.

Cyst of the yellow body of the right ovary during pregnancy

author: doctor Krivega M.S.

The yellow body appears every woman several hundred times in her entire life. This is a kind of temporary endocrine organ that arises in the ovary, which has its own development cycle. It arises on the site of that follicle in one of the ovaries in which the egg was ripening. This egg after maturing falls into the uterine tube, and then into the uterus cavity, where it must meet the sperm that will fertilize it. This process of the release of a ripe ovum is called ovulation.

How to remove the ovarian cyst

author: doctor Kuznetsov MA

Today we will talk about the removal of the ovarian cyst, but in order to properly illuminate this issue it is necessary to know what the ovarian cyst is.

Puncture of the cyst of the breast

author: doctor Kuznetsov MA

Breast cyst is a thin-walled cavity filled with liquid.

As the cyst grows, it becomes tense and painful due to the fact that it is full of fluid. Especially mammary glands are painful in the premenstrual period.

After the treatment of a woman with such a problem, her mammary glands begin to be examined, beginning with a survey and examination, then the woman passes the laboratory tests. Then comes the turn of instrumental research: mammography, ultrasound, puncture.

Synovial cyst. Treatment and consequence

author: doctor Mirnaya E.V.

Synovial cyst is a degenerative disease characterized by hypertrophy or hernia synovial membranes of the joints. Most often, such cysts can be found in the hip, knee joints. Also, the joints of the hands and feet, shoulder and elbow joints, the spine (more often the lumbar region) may be affected.

Perineural cyst: diagnosis and treatment

author: doctor Ainullin AA

Perineural cyst is a liquid formation located in the spinal canal. Simply put, it is a vial filled with cerebrospinal fluid, located in the immediate vicinity of the spinal root. Most often they are located in the lumbar and sacral parts of the spine. The causes of perineural cyst can be inflammatory diseases, as well as injuries. In addition, small cysts can form spontaneously.

Cyst of the appendage of the right testicle

author: doctor Maslak AA

Men are less likely to go to doctors than women. They only turn when they do not get along with the problem, or if it directly touches their sexual sphere. The usual age of the first visit to a urologist is after 50 years. During this period, most men have problems such as prostate adenoma or chronic prostatitis.

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