First aid for bleeding and wounds

Author: ambulance doctor Deryushev A.N.

At home and at work, on the street and in the apartment, you can always face injuries that are accompanied by bleeding. In medicine, it is common to divide bleeding into capillary (with minor wounds, cuts, scratches), when the smallest vessels are damaged - the capillaries, the venous ones - with damage to the veins (in the figure under "b"). These bleedings can already be serious and cause acute blood loss, even with the threat of life!

Non-healing wounds on the body

Author: Krivega MS doctor

Unfortunately, no one is immune from the appearance of wounds on the body. And if some people almost do not notice their appearance and disappearance (especially if the wounds are shallow, but represent abrasions or cuts), then others can treat one small wound for months. Why does it happen that the wound for a long time makes itself felt and does not want to become a scar?

Wound healing depends on many factors, which can be conditionally divided into two large groups: external and internal.

Wounds on the legs - what treatment?

author: doctor Grebenyuk Yu.V.

Wounds on the legs can have different origins. From ordinary domestic trauma to serious diseases. At the domestic level we get cuts, bruises with bruises, burns, various splints, abrasions, scratches. These seemingly minor complications can bring great problems. Much depends on how the first aid was provided. Not necessarily in a medical institution. You can not ignore the bites of animals.

Wounds in the tongue

Author: doctor Iordanskaya A.V.

More often injuries of a traumatic nature in the tongue have the appearance of superficial wounds resulting from a bite (during chewing or epileptic seizure) traumatizing the sharp edge of a broken or carious tooth, bone from food, or sharp objects, such as a fork, pencil, etc.

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