Technique of pleural puncture

author: doctor Saplonov KN

The pleural cavity is the space between the inner and outer pleura. The inner sheet of the pleura covers the lungs, and the outer one from the inside lining the thorax. Normally, in the pleural cavity, there is a small amount of fluid necessary for lubrication during the movement of the lungs during breathing.

Cancer carcinomatosis - causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

author: doctor Bogdanova S.V.

Pleurosclerosis is a multiple metastasis of a tumor in the pleura that occurs when malignant neoplasms are present in the body.
A tumor can metastasize to the pleura from almost any organ. However, most often the disease occurs with cancer of the lung, stomach, breast, kidney, ovary, thyroid, sarcoma of bones, lymphoma and some other tumors.

Inflammation of the pleura - causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

author: doctor Saplonov KN

Pleura is a shell lining the surface of the lungs on one side, and on the other hand lining the thorax from the inside. As a result, between the leaves of the pleura, not a large cavity is formed, containing normally not a large amount of pleural fluid that lubricates the surface of the pleura during movements of the lungs.

Pleuritis is called inflammation of the pleura. On its surface, deposits of fibrin are formed, and inflammatory fluid (exudate) accumulates in its cavity.

At what depth is the pleura

author: doctor Tyutyunnik DM

Under such a concept as a pleura, a thin serous membrane is meant that covers each lung - it is commonly called the visceral pleura) and lining the walls of the pleural cavity of the lungs (parietal pleura). Pleura has the finest connective tissue base, which is covered with a flat epithelium (mesothelium) and is located on the basal membrane.

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