"Nordwest" in Frankfurt, Germany

The clinic "Nordwest" is of a multi-profile nature and consists of the names of the branches corresponding to their activities: the General Surgery and Vascular Surgery Clinic, the Oncology and Hematology Clinic, and the Urology and Gynecology Clinic.

At the Frankfurt multidisciplinary clinic, the Goethe University Academic Hospital operates. "Nordwest", perhaps, is one of the most famous medical centers in the whole of Germany. In total, this medical complex includes up to ten clinical centers and three scientific institutes in the field of public health.

Medical center in Regensburg, Germany

The clinic is located at the University of Regensburg and includes more than twenty specialized departments, as well as five scientific medical institutes. Such a large structure has rightfully removed this medical complex to a number of major centers of Europe. Indeed, the infrastructure of the clinic in Regensburg allows it.

Medcomplex is famous for its operations in the field of oncology and blood circulation, which would seem incurable. Fame in Europe and received a dental unit.

German clinic "Bad Trissl" in Oberaudorf

The German oncological clinic Bad Trissl in Oberaudorf is known all over the world. This Bavarian clinic is located in a foothill landscape a hundred kilometers from Munich, where it rightfully deserves the title of a resort zone.

In this medical center a special medical examination "Onco check" or in Russian "check for oncology" is developed. This diagnostic will include the latest advances in oncology to identify cancer and precancerous conditions of the whole organism.

Medical Center in Düsseldorf

The network of medical institutions in the city of Düsseldorf is eleven specialized hospitals and is called the Deutsche Klinik Allianz concern. Over one hundred thousand patients receive outpatient and inpatient care every year.

In the state of the medical center of Dusseldorf, several thousand doctors and within the center itself have one of the largest perinatal centers, where every year two thousand children appear in the world. And the mortality rate of newborns is low compared to the average.

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