Nabotovy cysts of the cervix

author: doctor Krivoguz I.М.

Nabotova cyst of the cervix (named after the scientist who discovered the glands in the cervix) is an education in the vaginal part of the cervix. This formation occurs as a result of occlusion of the excretory ducts of the glands of the mucous membrane and the accumulation of a secretion of glands in the form of cysts.

Stitches from the cervix

author: doctor Ambrosova I.A.

Almost 40% of miscarriages occur due to ICS (ischemic-cervical insufficiency). This pathology occurs against the background of failure of the uterine neck and painful opening of the uterus. This condition in the second trimester of pregnancy entails the prolapse of the bladder or the outflow of amniotic fluid. In the third trimester of pregnancy, ICI can cause premature birth.

Consequences of tubal ligation

author: gynecologist Gurshtynovich VM

Ligation of the fallopian tubes refers to surgical methods of contraception. And it is practically irreversible reliable method of preventing unwanted pregnancy for women.

Tubal ligation in women

author: gynecologist Artemova M.V.

This procedure is of a surgical nature, which is otherwise called medical sterilization. During this operation, the pipes are blocked, cut or bandaged. The operation is considered one of the effective, guaranteeing 99% of the absence of pregnancy. Only not many can come, when there is a passage for spermatozoa, and also for an incorrect operation.

Preparing for laparoscopy

author: doctor Kuznetsov MA

Before you start laparoscopy, you need a doctor's consultation. The doctor asks the patient about the concomitant diseases in order to identify contraindications.

Pregnancy after laparoscopy PCOS

author: doctor Kuznetsov MA

To get pregnant with the syndrome of polycystic ovaries, you need to make the right treatment. After all, with PCOS, the maturation and ovulation of the egg are broken, and hence pregnancy without treatment may not be.

Gallbladder removal by laparoscopy

author: doctor Kuznetsov MA

Cholecystectomy or removal of the gallbladder is a frequent operation, carried out for various reasons. First of all, it is the gallstones that accumulate in chronic calculous cholecystitis.

Gallstones occur because of a violation of cholesterol metabolism, bile pigments and bile acids. They can both clog the outflow in the gall bladder itself, and get stuck in its ducts, and also cause inflammation of the gallbladder walls.

Pregnancy after laparoscopy in case of polycystosis

author: doctor Kuznetsov MA

Pregnancy in the syndrome of polycystic ovaries largely depends on the woman herself. If you want to give birth to a full-fledged child, a woman can undergo not only a course of conservative therapy, but also undergo surgery, and also try a combined treatment. Combination therapy includes conservative treatment before and after surgery.

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