Granulation of wound: stages and features

Author: Surgeon Denisov M.М.

The wound is a violation of the integrity of the skin surface. Wounds are called complex if the process involves muscles, internal organs, bones.

Wound antiseptics

Author: Krivega MS doctor

After the wound was applied, it should be treated as soon as possible: the earlier it is treated, the less likely it is to suppuration. Consequently, the wounds treated in the first hour or two are suppressed earlier and heal faster than those that were treated much later.

Purulent wound on the leg

Author: doctor Derjushev A.N.

When a microbe enters the wound, a certain microflora is formed there, which determines the course of the wound process afterwards. Then everything will depend on what kind of microorganisms were wounded, as well as from the local and general immunity of a person, that is, on how much the body is able to resist infection.

Infected Wounds

If the body area is damaged, the microbes that wound the object get into the wound from the skin or clothes. The wound begins to fester, and this is called the primary infection. But microbes can get later - during dressings from infected areas of the body, from surrounding skin areas, from clothing.

Carbuncle on the face: causes and treatment

author: doctor Ambrosova I.A.

A purulent-necrotic process that develops due to inflammation of several hair sacs and nearby sebaceous glands with the formation of extensive necrosis of the skin and subcutaneous tissue is called carbuncle. As a rule, such formations arise singly.

Purulent lymphadenitis: symptoms and treatment

Author: doctor Kuznetsov MA

Suppuration of the lymph nodes is part of the local purulent process. And therefore, it is necessary to take measures to eliminate inflammation, purulent inflammation.

Purulent atheroma: causes and minimally invasive treatment

author: doctor Alafinov V.D.

Purulent atheroma is an acute microbial inflammation of the contents of a sealed and stretched sebaceous cutaneous gland. Sebaceous glands are located in the thickness of the skin and closely adjacent to the hair follicles. These glands produce fatty grease for hair and skin. When plugging the excretory ducts, cysts can be formed - pouches filled with a pulp-like sebaceous mass. In all places where hair grows and there are sebaceous glands, atheromas can form. Most often they appear in the area of ​​the head, face, back, neck, genitals.

Than to treat purulent wounds

Rana - mechanical damage to tissues with a violation of their integrity. It is proved that for the development of infection in the wound it is necessary to have 105-106 microbial bodies per 1 gram of tissue. This is the so-called "critical" level of bacterial contamination. But the "critical" level may be low. It is now believed that any accidental wound is bacterially contaminated, or infected.

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