Set of tools for skeletal traction

A set of traumatological tools for skeletal traction:

1 - Kirschner Staple with a spoke for skeletal traction. In terms of functional significance, Ilizarov's apparatus resembles.

2 - A hand drill serves to drill holes into which the needles will pass.

Surgical chisel of dental type

This chisel is designed to remove bone jaw formations, i.e. It is used only in dentistry. A traumatic trauma and other profile may differ in shape and tip.

Surgical set for laparotomy

A set of instruments for laparotomy includes dilators and retention:

1 - reticular retractor according to Goss; Is able to hold the expansion under tension, it is convenient when access is required over a large area

2 - Collin's retractor also fixes expansion under pressure and is convenient in places where a small expansion is necessary;

3 - retractor surgical (mirror) according to Kocher; The most common in the surgical practice, several mirrors are used at once, convenient and fast in application

4 - Reverden spatula

A set of tools for endovideosurgery

A set of surgical instruments for endovideosurgery includes endoscopic tubes of different diameters, clamps and rubberized tips.

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