Bowel cancer of the 4th stage

Author: abdominal surgeon Denisov M.М.

Depending on the location, cancer of the small and large intestine is isolated. Therefore, in the topic of bowel cancer 4 stages they can be considered separately. The length of the small intestine is 80% of the entire intestine, but the incidence of this tumor is very small: benign neoplasm 3-5%, malignant 1%.

Tumor lysis syndrome

author: oncologist Kocharyan Elena

In simple language, tumor lysis syndrome is, in fact, the disintegration of cancer cells, a very rapid disintegration. Lysis of the tumor is the response of an oncological focus to the effective use of chemotherapy.

Prognosis of mediastinal lymphoma

author: oncologist Kocharyan Elena

The term "lymphoma" unites a number of oncological diseases. These tumors affect the lymphatic tissue, which performs protective functions in the body. Lymphomas are characterized by changes in the functioning of the lymphatic system, enlarged lymph nodes, organ damage, due to the accumulation of malignant lymphocytes in them.

Cancer of the mediastinum - causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

author: doctor Shevchenko NG

First, let's define, in the very concept - mediastinum. This is primarily a combination of organs and tissues, located in the space between the lungs, and the diaphragm, which is bounded from below. So inflammatory processes in the mediastinum - mediastinitis - difficult to diagnose and life-threatening condition. So the tumor processes in this localization is a very formidable condition.

CA-blockade of the 2nd degree of the 1st type

author: cardiologist Makarenkova T.Yu.

Sinoatrial blockade is a pathology of the conduction system of the heart, characterized by impaired conduction of the pulse going from the sinus node to the atria.

Blockade of the spine: indications and efficacy

author: doctor Maslak AA

Pain is a sure sign that something is wrong in the body. It informs us about the presence of pathology, whether it is functional or originating at an organic level. But sometimes, and with prolonged pain, almost always, pain is not so much a signal, but also a cause of pathology (albeit secondary).

CA-blockade of the 2nd degree of the 2nd type

author: ambulance doctor Saturday AA

Sinoatrial blockade is one of the types of arrhythmia, when impulse is disturbed in the heart fibers at the place where the connection between the sinus and atrioventricular nodes occurs. It can be of several degrees and types. It depends on the level of damage to this connection.

Blockade of the lumbosacral spine

author: neurosurgeon Markelov G.V.

Osteochondrosis, as well as some other diseases, can cause acute or chronic pain in the spine and in other parts of the body innervated by the affected nerves. The need for early relief of the pain syndrome is recognized by all doctors, but since this does not solve the nature of the problem, sometimes this principle is questioned by the patients themselves, who, especially if the pain has become chronic, prefer to endure and achieve a more distant but lasting effect.

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