Ointment Vishnevsky on an open wound

Doctor A. Deriushev

Ointment Vishnevsky has a more correct name - liniment balsamic Vishnevsky. The name of this ointment was given in honor of the famous Soviet surgeon A.V. Vishnevsky. The ointment refers to antiseptic agents and consists of 3 parts of tar (it can strengthen local blood circulation and accordingly improves the nutrition of tissues in this area), 3 parts of xerogene (it's an antiseptic) and 94 parts of castor oil (thanks to it the medicines penetrate deep enough into the tissue) .

Ointment with dislocations

author: doctor Kochetkova Olga

Since the beginning of time, none of us, regardless of the type of activity and way of life, was not insured against injuries. Dislocations, bruises, sprains are familiar not only to athletes and extreme lovers, so the initial baggage of knowledge on this issue will not hurt anyone.

People's remedy for bruises and bruises

Author: ambulance doctor Deryushev A.N.

A bruise is a closed, usually mechanical, tissue injury due to a blunt object or a drop on a hard surface. The main signs of a bruise are pain and possible swelling at the site of injury. And the pain appears immediately, however, usually after a few minutes it subsides, and the swelling is not immediately apparent, and appears sometimes two to three days after the injury. In some cases, it is accompanied by a hemorrhage from torn small vessels. A bruise is formed, which in common parlance is called a bruise.

Ointment for wound healing

author: doctor Ilona Lesnaya

Probably there is no such person who in his life did not receive any injuries and injuries. Children, adolescents, sportsmen, as well as people whose profession is associated with increased traumatic danger, are most often affected. In addition, simple non-observance of the rules of personal safety can lead to the occurrence of banal damage.

Wound healing cream

Author: Krivega MS doctor

The duration of wound healing depends on many factors. Not least in this list are and such as:

- degree of wound contamination;

- the time that has elapsed from the application of the wound to its treatment with means that remove dirt and antiseptic compounds;

- wound localization;

- whether surgical treatment was performed or the wound was treated at home;

Wound antiseptics

Author: Krivega MS doctor

After the wound was applied, it should be treated as soon as possible: the earlier it is treated, the less likely it is to suppuration. Consequently, the wounds treated in the first hour or two are suppressed earlier and heal faster than those that were treated much later.

Treatment of wounds and abrasions

Author: Kamneva A.N.

What is the first help with scratches, abrasions and wounds?

Quite often children and adults damage soft tissues and break the integrity of the skin in the form of wounds, abrasions and scratches. Therefore, it is very important for every person to know what the first aid is in case of scratches, abrasions and wounds

Than to process a purulent wound

Should I pay attention to minor wounds or scratches? Think of a trifle! But this opinion is not correct. A wound is a violation of the integument of the skin or mucous membrane. Very often, pyogenic bacteria enter the wound, most of which live on the surface of the skin, and it begins to rot.

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