A set of instruments for limb amputation

A set of surgical instruments for limb amputation consists of:

1 - retractor; It serves to fix the limb perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the bone.

2 - Jigli wire saw; The main tool for sawing a skeleton.

3 - Palenov handles for fixing a wire saw;

4 - the hemostatic tourniquet is placed on both sides;

5 - a set of amputation knives as an auxiliary equipment for processing after sawing.

A set of surgical instruments for cholecystectomy

A set of surgical instruments for cholecystectomy includes:

1 - ligature dissector; It is necessary to spread the surrounding tissues during extirpation of the gallbladder

2 - hepatic mirror; It allows you to raise the hepatic edge and thus provide comfortable access to removal

3 - a spoon for the removal of biliary calculi helps to avoid clogging of the abdominal cavity with bile calculi

Ligature needles

Ligature needles are related to tools for connecting tissues. They, like ordinary needles, contain a needle for insertion of a thread and have a special semicircular canopy, which is just allowed to sew fabrics in the transverse direction of rounded tissues (stomach, intestine, etc.). They are divided into two types:

1 - stupid ligature needle - needle of Deschan - used in tissues with a soft consistency of the piercing organ;

2 - acute ligature needle - Cooper needle allows you to sew in a semicircle, not only internal organs, but also connective tissue and skin.

Set of surgical scalpels

A set of reusable surgical scalpels. The main tool in the work of any surgeon.

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