What is mediastinum in human physiology?

author: doctor Anastasia Skorykh

Mediastinum is in the center of the chest. Above it is bounded by the thorax, from below is the diaphragm, on the sides are the pleural cavities, in front - the sternum, behind - the ribs. Mediastinum is a cavity in which there are vital internal organs, a fatty layer, blood and lymphatic vessels.

Wide chest in women

author: doctor Vasil'tsov AG

Back in ancient times, a certain assumption was made that people with certain features of the body structure (habitus or constitution) have an increased risk of "acquiring" certain diseases.

Chest pain - causes, diagnosis and treatment

author: doctor Ilona Lesnaya

There are a lot of diseases in which a frequent complaint is soreness in the chest of various localization. Sometimes even a highly qualified doctor is difficult to understand where the pain comes from. Pain in the projection of the chest can occur with diseases of the organs of this localization, lesions of the spine, ribs, cartilage, muscles of the cervical region or the shoulder girdle. Plus, the pain can be psychogenic.

Lit in the chest

author: doctor Umancuk AA

The burning sensation in the chest area is extremely unpleasant, and sometimes dangerous. Since the problem can be simple, associated with ordinary heartburn, and complicated - the cause of heart or lung diseases, diseases of the nervous system.

Veins on the chest

author: doctor Easy NA

Sometimes the reason for going to the doctor is the presence of veins on the chest. Someone considers this phenomenon as a cosmetic defect, someone seriously worries about their health. The veins on the chest can appear not only in adults, but also in children, beginning with the period of the newborn.

Broad chest in men

author: physician Koshen AK

When any patient comes to see a doctor, he should ideally determine his anthropometric data, including the type of a person's constitution. There are 3 types of the human constitution: normostenic, hypersthenic and asthenic. To which of them you can be treated very easily. Belonging to the types of the constitution is determined by the shape of the chest.

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