Nail bruise on leg

author: doctor Zhilyuk V.Yu.

The simplest ways to get a bruised nail is to drop a heavy object on your leg, stumble over something hard, pinch your finger in the doorway. You can step on the foot, you can unsuccessfully attach to the ball, playing football.

Symptoms of a nail injury.

Treatment of a subungual panaritium

Author: Surgeon Denisov M.М.

This type of panarity is characterized by localization under the nail plate, while it is located either limited or exfoliates the entire nail.

Nail bruise on hand

author: doctor Ambrosova I.A.

A bruised nail on the arm is a nuisance that almost every one of us can face in everyday life. Such a trauma can be obtained by pricking the nail with doors or pressing it with something heavy. There are many situations in which there is a chance of injury, and all of them are simply not really enumerated, just like preventing the probability of injury by one hundred percent. That's why you need to know the methods of first aid to a damaged nail for its quick and painless recovery.

The bruise on the nail

author: doctor Kamneva A.N.

Each of us during the life though time received an easy trauma of fingers of legs or foots. Pinches and bruises of the fingers, the falling heavy and not very objects on them are not so rare. The most offensive consequence of such injuries is the appearance of a bruise under the fingernail, which is not at all pleasing, and at times scares the eye.

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