Rehabilitation after a stroke at home

Author: ambulance doctor Deryushev A.N.

Rehabilitation after a stroke, depending on the period may have different forms. Immediately after the development of the stroke, general restorative and breathing exercises, passive reflex and active movements are recommended, speech disorders begin with a speech therapist, and drugs that improve cerebral circulation according to the neurologist's appointments are used.

Emergency care for pulmonary hemorrhage

Author: ambulance doctor Deryushev A.N.

Pulmonary bleeding is the release from the respiratory tract during a cough of clean blood or blood in the form of abundant impurities to the sputum. Pulmonary bleeding is a serious and dangerous complication of various inflammatory, specific or nonspecific respiratory diseases, as well as malignant tumors and lung damage.

First aid for angina and myocardial infarction

Author: ambulance doctor Deryushev A.N.

Angina pectoris and myocardial infarction refer to such a common concept as ischemic heart disease. Coronary heart disease (CHD) is characterized by a mismatch between the intake of blood rich in oxygen to the cells of the myocardium and the oxygen demand for these cells. This lack of oxygen generates oxygen starvation (hypoxia), and then ischemia of cells and tissues. With a heart attack, this process ends with necrosis.

First aid for cuts

Author: doctor Derjushev A.N.

Cuts, in medical terminology, refer to such a concept as cut wounds. Such wounds are the result of the impact of sharp, often cutting tools (such a tool can be a knife, glass, or metal shavings and much more, it's no secret that you can cut yourself even by the edge of a paper sheet!). The size of such wounds is usually not less than half a centimeter.

First aid for bleeding

Author: ambulance doctor Deryushev A.N.

First aid for bleeding covers not only first aid for bleeding and wounds, but also fractures, including closed injuries. The medical definition of trauma sounds like this - a sudden impact on the body of an external object, which causes anatomical and functional disorders.

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