Low hemoglobin in an infant

author: Shevcherko N.G.

The appearance in our world of another man - a touching and unforgettable, the most important and bright moment. A young mother can immediately feel many unreasonable fears and doubts, and therefore it is important to be informed in advance and have an idea of ​​how the very first year of the baby can take place.

Introduction of complementary feeding with breastfeeding

author: Shevcherko N.G.

It will be about some principles of introducing complementary foods to a child with natural feeding.

Epilepsy in infants: signs, diagnosis and treatment

author: doctor Zheludkov AS

Epilepsy is a chronic brain disease caused by super-strong neuronal discharges in its cortex and resulting in disruption of autonomic, motor, sensitive, and mental functions.

Blood feces in the feces of an infant

author: pediatrician Pristavko Т.А.

A small child requires special attention and care. Every change in the state of his health by his parents must be viewed with caution. Caring for his baby sometimes saves not only his health, but also life.

Normally, the feces of the child have a light yellow color, a mushy consistency, in children on natural feeding of feces more often in the form of a liquid slurry with a milky sour smell. Executions are observed from 1 to 7 times a day.

Compound in the breast in children

author: pediatrician Zheludkov AS

Condensation in the breast in children can occur for various reasons. The cause may be tumor growth (more often fibroadenoma). In girls, compaction (telarhex) in the breast can be the result of premature onset of the activity of the genital organs (ovaries). However, of particular interest is the increase in breast gland - gynecomastia.

Burning in the chest

author: doctor Maslak AA

In the chest are the esophagus, bronchi, lungs, heart, but not only they, but also the organs of the abdominal cavity, such as the stomach and pancreas, can cause a burning symptom. Plus to all this sensation at times has a psychosomatic nature, i.e. the organs are in order, but the whole thing is in the nervous system, which is shaken by everyday stresses, and psychological trauma.

Chest mucous

author: doctor Maleva O.V.

Thoracic glands in everyday life are called mammary glands located on the anterior thoracic wall. The appearance of pain in the mammary glands justifies fears of any person.

Cyst in the breast

author: doctor Fedorenko NS

Women's health has always been and remains today a very important and exciting topic for all generations of women from girls to grandmothers. And one of the most urgent issues of women's health is the health of the mammary glands.

Among female diseases, very often, in unfermented women of mature age from 35 to 55 years, there is such an unpleasant disease as the cyst of the breast.

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