Inozemtsev Fyodor Ivanovich

Inozemtsev Fyodor Ivanovich entered the history of Russian public health, not only as an outstanding surgeon and doctor of medicine, but also as a reformer. The name of Feodor Ivanovich is associated with the first in the Russian Empire ethereal anesthesia carried out during an operation to remove a breast tumor. In addition, the development of methods for treating cholera, scientific works from the field of research of the autonomic nervous system is also associated with his surname.

Bobrov Alexander Alexeevich

Bobrov Alexander Alekseevich (1850-1904) is a graduate of the Medical Faculty of Moscow University, where he distinguished himself as a student for his work on "Concussion and traumatic shock". Practice was held in the clinic of surgeon Novatsky.

Sklifosovsky Nikolay Vasilyevich

Sklifosovsky Nikolai Vasilyevich (1836-1904) - the founder of military surgery of the abdominal cavity, the director of the Imperial Institute in St. Petersburg.

Dyakonov, Pyotr Ivanovich

Petr Ivanovich Dyakonov (1855-1908) is one of the outstanding surgeons in Russia. His activity in medicine was characterized by a wide range of interests and discoveries. He showed special interest in the development of topographic anatomy. Among the main contributions of Petr Ivanovich to this science, a special place is taken by the description of the squat space made by fiber.

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