Rash in an infant

author: Shevcherko N.G.

Very unpleasant condition for kids and their parents. When the child becomes ill, the reason for the poor state may not yet be clear. But when the rash appears, the doctor can already more accurately determine the causes of the ailment or already know what in the future it is necessary to examine the child. But in any case, the rash - this is only one of the various manifestations of the pathological process, often associated with the defeat of the vessels of the skin.

Allergy to Novocaine

author: doctor Li V.V.

Novocain is a local anesthetic, has moderate activity in terms of anesthesia, and also has a great breadth of therapeutic effect. It does not allow the generation of impulses at the ends of sensitive nerves, and creates obstacles to its passage through the fibers of the nervous tissue. Due to the peculiarities of its chemical structure, i.e. being a weak base, it is able to block Na channels. Oppresses polysynaptic reflexes.

Allergy to lidocaine

author: doctor Kovyarova L.S.

Lidocaine is a drug that has a local anesthetic effect, due to which it is used in many directions in medicine.

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