Yellow body in right ovary

author: gynecologist Kuznetsov MA

Often women hear from a doctor who made an ultrasound study that there is a yellow body in the ovary. But what does it mean?

What is the yellow body in the ovary

author: gynecologist Ambrosova IA

The yellow body is a temporary gland of internal secretion, which is formed in the female body and functions there for a short time. As a rule, the yellow body in the ovary begins its development at the end of ovulation. The main function of this gland is the production of progesterone and estrogen (female sex hormones).

Vesicular resection of the ovaries

author: doctor Patwakanyan Nana

One of the most effective ways to treat the polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is wedge resection of the ovaries. PKJ syndrome is a hereditary disease, during which the hormonal balance is broken, and the number of male hormones increases in the female body.

Yellow body in the ovary during pregnancy

author: doctor Krivega M.S.

The appearance of the yellow body is associated with the sexual maturation of each girl. It appears at the place where the follicle with the maturing egg was. When the egg completely ripens, the follicle bursts, and it leaves the uterine cavity. This is called ovulation. And at this point, there are many granular cells that begin to produce a yellow substance - lutein, which contains the hormone progesterone.

Atypical resection of the lung

author: pulmonologist Maleva O.V.

Surgical operations on the lungs are performed to remove lung tissue, altered by irreversible painful processes. Some lung diseases can not be cured otherwise than by physically removing the focus of inflammation or tumor degeneration of the parenchyma and surrounding structures. This work is performed by highly qualified specialists - thoracic surgeons, and the thoracic surgery section is called "thoracic surgery".

Menu after resection of the stomach

author: doctor, Ph.D. Gintovt O.I.

Resection of the stomach is a rather complicated operation, in which a considerable part of the stomach is removed, and the correlations of the organs of the digestive system change radically. After the operation, the stomach volume decreases sharply, and the food at the intake falls immediately not only in the stomach, but also into the small intestine. Therefore, in the diet of patients who have undergone this operation, there are several important features.

Submucosal resection of the nasal septum

author: doctor-otorhinolaryngologist Bogodjazh TS

Submucosal resection of the nasal septum (syn. Septoplasty) is a surgical intervention aimed at correcting the shape of the deformed septum of the nose with preservation of its cartilaginous and bone base.

Postoperative period of kidney resection

author: doctor Serova G.A.

Kidneys - the most important pair organ in the human body, performing several functions. The main of them is the excretory (excretion of urine) and homeostatic (ensuring the normal blood composition, its ion balance).

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