Hematoma in the language: causes and treatment

author: doctor Slyusareva L.V.

Hematoma is a bruise, when after a rupture or injury of a vessel, blood flows into the thickness of the tissues, forming a cavity.

Classify hematomas in those tissues where the blood has been poured. On this basis, hematomas are intramuscular, under the skull shell, in the brain tissue and others.

With respect to the vessel they are pulsating and non-pulsating. Pulsating hematoma is dangerous because it continues to increase in volume, that is, the outflow of blood from the vessel has not ended.

Abscess of the tongue: symptoms and treatment

author: dentist Grebennikov A.P.

The tongue is a soft-tissue formation, covered with a specific mucosa, with a multitude of nerve receptors. Its damage is always fraught with complications that can significantly change a person's habitual life. One of such complications is the abscess of the tongue. Recognize the first symptoms and promptly prescribe treatment is the key to successfully getting rid of the problem.

Cuts in the tongue

author: dentist Shevcherko Ya.V.

Language is considered to be the strongest muscular organ in the human body, I would also like to note that this is the only muscle that has a one-sided attachment to bone tissue in the human body.

Language is a direct indicator of the state of health, and all changes that are not characteristic of the physiological norm are considered direct indicators of a malfunction in the body.

This article will consider the main causes of the cuts in the language and possible ways of treating these diseases.

A bruise in the language - what to do?

author: gastroenterologist, Ph.D. Kondrashina E.A.

In the case of pain in the language, most people rush to a mirror with an open mouth. If you can notice a bluish or "bloody" spot in the language, then with a high degree of probability you are dealing with a bruise or hematoma of the tongue.

How to treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide

Author: Kamneva A.N.

Hydrogen peroxide is described by the chemical formula H 2 O 2 and is commonly referred to as hydrogen peroxide.

Treatment of a lacerated wound

Author: surgeon Yurevich VV

A lacerated wound is a type of traumatic damage to soft tissues as a result of the tearing action of some dull mechanical damaging factor.

Ointment Vishnevsky on an open wound

Doctor A. Deriushev

Ointment Vishnevsky has a more correct name - liniment balsamic Vishnevsky. The name of this ointment was given in honor of the famous Soviet surgeon A.V. Vishnevsky. The ointment refers to antiseptic agents and consists of 3 parts of tar (it can strengthen local blood circulation and accordingly improves the nutrition of tissues in this area), 3 parts of xerogene (it's an antiseptic) and 94 parts of castor oil (thanks to it the medicines penetrate deep enough into the tissue) .

If the wound is healed

Author: Rudenko M.G.

It happens that the wound itches. This itch is most often associated with the fact that it heals. He does not require treatment. Just try not to scratch the wound, and when it heals, everything will pass. It turns out, once the wound is healed, we should rejoice. There is an amendment to your body. Let's try to figure out where this itch comes from, which sometimes causes a lot of inconvenience.

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