Yellow body in the ovary

author: gynecologist Ambrosova IA

The yellow body in the ovary is a temporary intrasecretory gland, which forms on the site of a bursting graafovaya vesicle. In the process of its development this formation acquires a dense consistency.

Temperature after puncture of follicles

author: doctor Belyaeva MA

In the modern world, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is widely used for assisted reproductive technology. Thanks to this method, a large number of women could feel a sense of motherhood and become a full-fledged family, in which children's laughter is heard. One of the important IVF procedures is puncture of the follicles, which is carried out by sampling a mature egg for advanced fertilization under artificial conditions.

Pregnancy after removal of the ovarian cyst

author: doctor Sinyukova Т.В.

The modern world with its high demands and standards dictates to women the rules for a successful life, the fulfillment of which sometimes leads to a loss of health and the main female joy - the opportunity to be a mother. One of the most common threats to mere female happiness is the disease of reproductive organs - the ovarian cyst. Fear of women who underwent surgery to remove it, is always connected with the question of the possibility to conceive and endure the child in the future. This article will help to understand what causes the onset of the disease and how in the future, to prevent its recurrence, and also answer the question whether it is possible to become pregnant after surgery.

Puncture of follicles with IVF

author: Shevcherko N.G.

It so happens that a woman with children and a bandage of pipes suddenly marries again. Then, if age allows, she can rethink about the child. There are other very different life situations and collisions. But a child, most often long-awaited, may also appear with medical help for in vitro fertilization. Luck is waiting on the first try in 40% of cases.

Yellow body after ovulation

author: gynecologist Ambrosova IA

The yellow body is one of the major endocrine components of the ovary, which periodically develops, and then undergoes involution.

How long does the phase of the yellow body last?

author: doctor Slyusareva L.V.

Depending on the individual characteristics of the woman, this phase lasts from 12 to 16 days, and this is the period for conception. All people, conceived naturally, began counting their existence precisely from this period of the menstrual cycle.

The entire monthly female cycle is the creation of optimal conditions for the conception or formation of the yellow body. A normal menstrual cycle is a prerequisite for the onset of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby.

When the yellow body disappears

author: doctor Kuznetsov MA

Normally, the yellow body disappears only if there is no pregnancy or if it occurred, then after the formed placenta. Every extinction has its own time.

The yellow body is the formation of cells, which is intended for the synthesis of hormones in order to prepare the mucous membrane of the uterus and maintain the pregnancy before the transfer of the placenta board. The yellow body synthesizes progesterone and estrogen, which must necessarily help with pregnancy.

Cystic yellow body in the ovary

author: doctor Krivega M.S.

The yellow body in the ovary is needed in order for a woman to become pregnant. To do this, after the follicle (a special cavity) in the ovary leaves fully ripe and ready for fertilization egg (this process is called ovulation), cells of the wall of the follicles begin to form a yellow body. In some cases, in the anovulatory cycles, the yellow body is formed in the finished follicle in the second half of the menstrual cycle without the release of the egg from its cavity.

Yellow body cyst with hemorrhage

Амбросова И.А. author: gynecologist Ambrosova IA

The yellow body cyst is a benign neoplasm that is formed from an ovulated follicle. The yellowish contents of the follicular granular cells, which appears on the site of the bursting Graaf's vesicle, or the follicle, is called the yellow body.

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