Resection of the thyroid gland

Author: Endocrinologist Andretsova N.V.

Typically, patients who are recommended for such an operation, want to know what it is and how dangerous it is.

What is resection?

The surgical removal of the thyroid gland damaged by the painful process or its site is called resection of the thyroid gland.

Atypical resection of the lung

author: pulmonologist Maleva O.V.

Surgical operations on the lungs are performed to remove lung tissue, altered by irreversible painful processes. Some lung diseases can not be cured otherwise than by physically removing the focus of inflammation or tumor degeneration of the parenchyma and surrounding structures. This work is performed by highly qualified specialists - thoracic surgeons, and the thoracic surgery section is called "thoracic surgery".

Resection of the root of the tooth

author: dentist Polevskaya K.G.

Resection of the tip of the root of the tooth is an operative procedure, in which the cyst is removed along with the apical part of the root.
The cyst is a cavity within which pus is located.

Longitudinal gastrectomy

author: doctor Korotkikh SN

Longitudinal resection of the stomach is a surgical treatment of people suffering from overgrazing. The operation is performed in two stages. Synonyms - sleeve, tubular, reducing the stomach. The technique of the operation was proposed by Gesoo-Marceau in the early 1990s. An independent operation was carried out in the USA in the beginning of 2000. M. Gagner. The method is implemented as an operation for obesity.

Bruises on the penis

author: doctor Kuznetsov MA

It's not a secret for anyone that with an active sex life there are difficulties of those organs that show their vital activity most of all. One such difficulty is bruising on the penis.

The cause of this manifestation may be several. One of the simplest and at the same time the most common - this is careless treatment during intercourse. Or any interactions with the sexual organ.

Fistula of the frenulum of the foreskin

author: doctor Vasil'tsov AG

The genitals have a "peculiar" structure, unlike other organs. From the anatomical point of view, they do not have a large number of anatomical formations, but the uniqueness of the forms makes one understand how much the person is an individuality.

Clumps in semen - causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

author: doctor Li V.V.

The word sperm comes from the Greek word sperma - the seed. It is a mixture of excreted products, resulting from the work of male genital organs.

In ancient times, the male seed was endowed with magical properties. There was an opinion that it is in the semen that there is a certain "life force" unseen to anyone.

Cyst on labia - complications and treatment

author: gynecologist Kuznetsov MA

The bartholin gland cyst belongs to the retention formations of the vulva. It occurs because of a violation of the outflow of a secret from the large gland located on the threshold of the vagina. The excretory duct of the gland is located on the inner surface of the labia majora. The function of the gland consists in the release of a viscous fluid in the area of ​​the entrance to the vagina, preventing dryness of the mucous membrane.

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