Atrioventricular block of degree 2

author: doctor Tatintsyan VA

Atrioventricular blockade of degree II or cardiac blockade of grade II is characterized by impaired, delayed or interrupted atrial pulse transmission through the atrioventricular node to the ventricles.

Blockade of the lumbosacral spine

author: neurosurgeon Markelov G.V.

Osteochondrosis, as well as some other diseases, can cause acute or chronic pain in the spine and in other parts of the body innervated by the affected nerves. The need for early relief of the pain syndrome is recognized by all doctors, but since this does not solve the nature of the problem, sometimes this principle is questioned by the patients themselves, who, especially if the pain has become chronic, prefer to endure and achieve a more distant but lasting effect.

Incomplete left bundle branch blockade

author: doctor Pyataeva Margarita

When we get cold with endless sneezing and coughing, almost everyone knows how to act. Someone makes a lime blossom by grandmother's recipe, and someone goes to the pharmacy for the usual paracetamol or a brand new miracle drug. However, many ordinary people are completely lost when the heart is at the sight of an ailment.

Blockade with diprospan - indications, procedure technique, complications

author: doctor Kovyarova L.S.

To treat the pain syndrome, neurologists often appoint a blockade, some kind of medication. This method of treatment refers to young enough compared to others, for example, massage, manual therapy, acupuncture, surgical methods.

Blockade aims to get rid of the very pain and its causes, using the minimum amount of time, resources and forces.

Incomplete blockade of the right bundle branch leg

author: cardiologist Merter M.V.

Incomplete blockade of the right leg of the bundle of His (abbreviated as NBPPG) is a partial violation of the patency of the electric pulse through the right leg of the bundle.

Blockade of the right leg of the bundle

author: cardiologist Makarenkova T.Yu.

The blockade of the right bundle of the bundle is a pathological abnormality in the work of the conduction system of the heart, in which the electrical impulse going from the atrioventricular node to the right ventricle is slowed or absent. There are complete and partial blockade of the right leg of the village of Gis.

First aid for cardiac arrhythmia

Author: ambulance doctor Deryushev A.N.

Arrhythmia is the wrong rhythm of the heart, which can be too fast - more than eighty beats per minute (tachycardia) or too slow - less than sixty beats per minute (bradycardia).

Partial blockade of the right bundle branch leg

author: doctor Subbota AA

The bundle of the Hyis is a system that provides the delivery of an electrical impulse to the cells of the heart, as a result of which these cells contract. The correct operation of all structures of the bundle of the Hyis provides an organized reduction of all cardiac cells, and the heart contracts as a solid organ.

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