Chest circumference in men

author: doctor Gulenko S.V.

Physical development of a person occurs in accordance with certain biological laws and principles and reflects in each age period the level of quantitative and qualitative changes in the body and its functional capabilities. The processes of growth and development occur unevenly and depend on a huge number of external and internal factors, the fundamental of which are heredity and social environment.

What is mediastinum in human physiology?

author: doctor Anastasia Skorykh

Mediastinum is in the center of the chest. Above it is bounded by the thorax, from below is the diaphragm, on the sides are the pleural cavities, in front - the sternum, behind - the ribs. Mediastinum is a cavity in which there are vital internal organs, a fatty layer, blood and lymphatic vessels.

First lure with breastfeeding

author: doctor Samoilova MA

What kind of mother does not want to give her child all the best? Especially if it concerns food. The first six months of life for a child is the single most valuable and indispensable is breast milk.

Many doctors do not recommend even dopaivat baby water, because breast milk is 80% water. Moreover, offering you water or tea, you risk provoking a decrease in the production of breast milk.

Stretching of pectoral muscle

author: doctor Krivega M.S.

In the area of ​​the human breast there are two muscles with the name "thoracic": this is the large pectoral and small pectoralis muscles.

Pain in the right side of the chest

author: doctor Patwakanyan Nana

Everyone knows that the heart is mostly in the left half of the chest, so when there is pain in the right side of the chest, we do not think about heart diseases. Although there are people who have all the organs in the body in a mirror image, including the heart. But such people are very few, and they know about the peculiarities of their body.

Heaviness in the chest

author: doctor Tarasova Olga

Many, at least once in a lifetime, experienced discomfort in the retrograde region. The reasons may be very diverse. It is only the doctor who can determine what this condition has arisen from.

Sometimes, it is necessary to conduct a series of studies that would clarify the picture.
Discomfort in the retrosternal area can manifest itself: like pain, choking, pressure, burning sensation. Depends, it's on what particular organ, located in the chest area, gives distress signals.

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