The bruise on the lip: first aid

author: doctor Zhilyuk V.Yu.

The bruise on the lip, of course, carries no threat to your health, let alone your life and efficiency. But it is dangerous for your appearance, image, and therefore - internal comfort. Therefore, the bruise on the lip should be urgently disposed of, using for this purpose all the possibilities that modern medicine gives us today.

Bruise bruises - reasons and advice

author: doctor Filonenko AI

The hoop is an excellent means for losing weight, it is very easy to use, but, like every procedure, there are principles and subtleties. Those who wish to start twisting the hoop according to all the rules, one should not forget that in fact, losing weight with the help of hula-hoop without diet and other training is simply impossible. Plus, the hoop is that it helps to strengthen the muscles in the abdomen and waist. Therefore, for those who want a slender and tight waist, the hoop is just perfect. Classes with hula-hoop are simple enough and are known to many of us since childhood. Twisting the hoop is not difficult and fun, but there are some disadvantages, for example, in a large number of people after training, especially the first, bruises (bruises) are formed.

Ointment from bruises and bruises in children

Author: Pediatrician O.Sazonova.

Bruising is the most common type of injury in children, which is usually the result of a blunt object or falling from a small height. In childhood, this kind of injuries of different localization result from injuries - domestic, transport, sports, school or street, and are self-injuries (bruises of the skin and subcutaneous tissue) or accompany other, more serious injuries (fractures, dislocations or injuries of the internal organs: brain, lungs).

Bruise on the chest: causes and treatment

author: doctor Ambrosova I.A.

In the event that you have found a bruise on your chest, do not take it lightly even when it does not cause any pain. It should be noted that the bruise on the chest, or in the medical language, hematoma, requires special attention. What is a bruise? It is nothing but a limited accumulation of blood that occurs as a result of trauma. As a rule, a bruise on the chest is not the cause of malignant or benign neoplasm, however, monitoring it will not be superfluous.

Operation with ingrown nails

Author: Surgeon Denisov M.М.

The ingrown nail is a fairly common pathology that occurs in outpatient surgical practice, which requires immediate surgical care. Most often, the cause of the development of this condition is injury, tight and not properly selected shoes. Removal of an ingrown nail is not a guarantee that this problem will not happen again. Many people do not know how to remove an ingrown nail .

Nail bruise on leg

author: doctor Zhilyuk V.Yu.

The simplest ways to get a bruised nail is to drop a heavy object on your leg, stumble over something hard, pinch your finger in the doorway. You can step on the foot, you can unsuccessfully attach to the ball, playing football.

Symptoms of a nail injury.

Treatment of a subungual panaritium

Author: Surgeon Denisov M.М.

This type of panarity is characterized by localization under the nail plate, while it is located either limited or exfoliates the entire nail.

How to remove an ingrown nail

Author: doctor Derjushev A.N.

The ingrown nail is a deepening or really present ingrowth of one edge or both edges of the nail into the soft finger tissues surrounding the nail. Most often this happens with the lateral (outer) edge of the nail near the first finger on the foot. It leads to this state of the use of tight shoes and improper treatment of the nail (too deep cutting the edges of the nail). However, there is an opinion that the basis of this disease may be a congenital feature of the direction of nail growth.

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