The suture fades after a cesarean

author: doctor Kuznetsov MA

Childbirth is a long-awaited hours of expectation of the baby. Almost all women want to give birth independently through natural birth canal, but under certain indications, operative labor is performed by cesarean section in planned or emergency order.

Stitches after caesarean section

Many women expecting a child, believe that if it came about Caesarean section, then pregnancy does not proceed as expected. Caesarean section is an extensive cavitary operation, during which a variety of soft tissues are dissected, which are successively joined by sutures.

Treatment of postoperative sutures

The postoperative wound is sterile and, only in this case, there is a guarantee of wound healing under the sutures, the so-called "primary tension". The healing of the sutures depends largely on the human body as a whole. There are people who all heal quickly, whether they are postoperative sutures, or just a cut or a wound, and there are those who have this process dragged on for months.

How many sutures heal after birth

Author: doctor Cazonova O.I.

In the process of childbirth, there are situations in which the parturient is sutured with ruptures of the cervix and perineum, as well as after the perineal incision, and this is currently occurring quite often.

Consequences of tubal ligation

author: gynecologist Gurshtynovich VM

Ligation of the fallopian tubes refers to surgical methods of contraception. And it is practically irreversible reliable method of preventing unwanted pregnancy for women.

Treatment of retrochoric hematoma

author: doctor Tyutyunnik DM

To date, it is very difficult to overestimate the urgency of the social and medical problem of miscarriages in a situation of a sharp increase in mortality and a decrease in the birth rate.

During menstruation, clots come out

author: doctor Fedorenko NS

Since ancient times women have been interested in everything connected with the function of procreation, and any unusual sensations caused anxiety and excitement: are they all right?
So it is happening now, women are very careful and considerate of their body, and they can not help worrying about such a phenomenon as the presence of blood clots during menstruation.

Nabotovy cysts of the cervix

author: doctor Krivoguz I.М.

Nabotova cyst of the cervix (named after the scientist who discovered the glands in the cervix) is an education in the vaginal part of the cervix. This formation occurs as a result of occlusion of the excretory ducts of the glands of the mucous membrane and the accumulation of a secretion of glands in the form of cysts.

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