Life after bypass surgery

author: doctor Sinyukova Т.В.

Our contemporaries are in a state of "eternal race" for money and success and for the time being they do not notice the loss of what can not be bought for coins - health. Therefore, the scourge of our time was obesity, vascular and heart diseases, digestive and endocrine gland disorders.

Rehabilitation of aortocoronary shunting

author: doctor Maslak AA

Myocardial infarction is one of the most common diseases and not only elderly, but also middle-aged. The mortality rate for this disease is quite high, almost 50%.

Shunting the brain

author: doctor Sinyukova Т.В.

The achievements of medicine in the field of neurosurgery have allowed people with severe brain diseases to gain hope not only for the right to survive. Shunting is one of the operations after which, it is possible to return to a fulfilling life. This article talks about two types of such intervention - bypass for the restoration of blood flow and cerebral bypass in hydrocephalus (hydrocephalus).
Shunting the brain to restore blood flow.

Shunting the jaw

author: dentist Shevcherko Ya.V.

Shunting in the jaw is most often used to get a jaw bone injury with a displacement of fragments or without displacement. Depending on the receipt of a fracture of a certain area, a corresponding tire is used.

Incomplete left bundle branch blockade

author: doctor Pyataeva Margarita

When we get cold with endless sneezing and coughing, almost everyone knows how to act. Someone makes a lime blossom by grandmother's recipe, and someone goes to the pharmacy for the usual paracetamol or a brand new miracle drug. However, many ordinary people are completely lost when the heart is at the sight of an ailment.

Consequences of cardiac shunting

author: doctor Mirnaya E.V.

Bypassing the heart or more precisely the coronary arteries is a very common procedure for patients suffering from ischemic heart disease. It is the only method to improve the quality of life of a person when drugs do not help, but the disease progresses.

AV blockade of the 2nd degree

author: doctor Pyataeva Margarita

Despite a huge number of methods for diagnosing heart disease, one of the most accessible and informative studies is still electrocardiography. The ECG makes it possible to detect not only and not so much myocardial infarction, as well as changes or disturbances in the conductivity of the electrical pulse in the heart, and not always these changes are accompanied by complaints from the patient. An example of such a pathology is atrioventricular blockade of the 2nd degree.

CA-blockade of the 2nd degree of the 2nd type

author: ambulance doctor Saturday AA

Sinoatrial blockade is one of the types of arrhythmia, when impulse is disturbed in the heart fibers at the place where the connection between the sinus and atrioventricular nodes occurs. It can be of several degrees and types. It depends on the level of damage to this connection.

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