Temperature at fracture

author: doctor Krivega M.S.

Fractures are a violation of the whole bone structure, caused either by trauma, or by the disease of the bone itself or nearby tissues. For example, a tumor can squeeze a bone in such a way that a fracture occurs in it, or a muscle contraction in tetanus can break some, or even one, bone in the limbs. Fracture occurs more easily in the bones where the process of osteoporosis occurs and where there is a lack of building material, resulting in bone becoming more fragile.

Chest circumference in men

author: doctor Gulenko S.V.

Physical development of a person occurs in accordance with certain biological laws and principles and reflects in each age period the level of quantitative and qualitative changes in the body and its functional capabilities. The processes of growth and development occur unevenly and depend on a huge number of external and internal factors, the fundamental of which are heredity and social environment.

The left side of the chest hurts

author: doctor Chudaleva V.V.

Pain in the chest, and even more so in the left part of it, can testify about various pathologies, which even doctors sometimes can not understand right away.

Most often, the pain in the left chest region is characterized by heart disease. In addition to this pathology, such pain can characterize diseases of the respiratory system, mediastinum, spine, gastrointestinal tract or CNS.

Broad chest in men

author: physician Koshen AK

When any patient comes to see a doctor, he should ideally determine his anthropometric data, including the type of a person's constitution. There are 3 types of the human constitution: normostenic, hypersthenic and asthenic. To which of them you can be treated very easily. Belonging to the types of the constitution is determined by the shape of the chest.

Pain in the left side of the chest

author: doctor Umancuk AA

The organs and systems of man are so interconnected that even pains in the left part of the chest can not only testify about heart ailments. In any case, even if you feel discomfort from the side of the chest on the left, consult a therapist who will prescribe the necessary tests and advise which doctor should make an appointment.

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