A large amputation knife is widely applicable both in surgery and in postmortem examination of the body.

Set for tracheostomy:

1 - blunt hook for the isthmus of the thyroid gland is used to spread the tissues;

2 - acute hook for holding and fixing the larynx and trachea;

3 - dilator of the trachea by fingers;

4,5,6 - tracheostomy cannula in assembled and disassembled form, inserted into the trachea after enlargement.

Clamp Lane gastric - intestinal, double for resection of the stomach. It is used as a temporary vroovanostavlivayuschee means as applied to the stomach, and to the intestine. Double zizhim provides a more complete haemostatic effect.

Tools connecting fabrics and a set of needle holders: 1 - needle holder with curved handles (Mathieu); There is a mechanism for opening the needle holder: 2 - the needle holder of Troyanov; The tip of the needle holder is bent, it is possible to fix the compression of the needle

A set of tools for trepanation of the human skull

A special set of tools for trepanation of the skull:

1 - with a set of milling cutters. Used to drill three or four holes in the skull for subsequent sawing through these holes with a Jigley saw (which is indicated by the number six)

2 - Dahlgren Nippers, Luer's nippers (necessary for breaking off bone protrusions or protrusions that prevent sawing Jigley)

A set of surgical instruments for limb amputation consists of:

1 - retractor; It serves to fix the limb perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the bone.

2 - Jigli wire saw; The main tool for sawing a skeleton.

3 - Palenov handles for fixing a wire saw;

4 - the hemostatic tourniquet is placed on both sides;

5 - a set of amputation knives as an auxiliary equipment for processing after sawing.

Channel channels are used for mechanical (instrumental) processing of root canals. The equipment differs both in the size of the diameter for the selection to the corresponding channel, and in the thread of the drill itself.

A set of traumatological tools for skeletal traction:

1 - Kirschner Staple with a spoke for skeletal traction. In terms of functional significance, Ilizarov's apparatus resembles.

2 - A hand drill serves to drill holes into which the needles will pass.

Ligature needles are related to tools for connecting tissues. They, like ordinary needles, contain a needle for insertion of a thread and have a special semicircular canopy, which is just allowed to sew fabrics in the transverse direction of rounded tissues (stomach, intestine, etc.). They are divided into two types:

1 - stupid ligature needle - needle of Deschan - used in tissues with a soft consistency of the piercing organ;

2 - acute ligature needle - Cooper needle allows you to sew in a semicircle, not only internal organs, but also connective tissue and skin.

A set of surgical instruments for endovideosurgery includes endoscopic tubes of different diameters, clamps and rubberized tips.

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